L iteracy Integration and Formal Education Foundation (Team LIFE) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting literacy and social integration for every child with particular focus on orphaned and vulnerable children.

LIFE  has been instrumental in transforming and improving the lives of these children employing various measures including education sponsorships, educational support programs, advocacy and coordination of inter-country adoptions and paying healthcare needs among others.

A team of young and passionate individuals with a drive for transforming lives and a unified purpose to lay a solid foundation built on basic education and well-rounded social integration for tomorrow’s leaders.

Inter-country Adoptions

F amily is fundamental to the development of character and personality. Life takes this fact into consideration in striving to uphold the best interest of the child. Therefore, LIFE collaborates with orphanages and child focused organizations within Nigeria and abroad to place abandoned orphans in families giving them a new chance in life through the legal process of inter-country adoption. Since inception, focusing on children with special needs, LIFE has successfully placed over 250 children in loving families.


O ur ultimate vision is to see every child being afforded the fundamental conditions and opportunities of life. This is our drive at LIFE. It is what we preach and what we hope to one day inspire the entire Nigerian community both on the home front and in diaspora.

As part of our activities, LIFE in partnership with Elvira Salleras and Associates undertakes to advocate the rights where the need arises and to ensure that no child is denied what is due to him/her by nature or by the provision of the law.

Our Aims

  • To facilitate and encourage measures that will offer hope and make life meaningful for abandoned, stigmatized or other wise challenged children living in various homes and centers.

  • To establish and develop initiatives in early childhood care and education for socially and culturally disadvantaged children, particularly the girl-child.

  • To undertake measures and programs that will promote the welfare of special needs children and other socially and culturally disadvantaged children and render all assistance in re-integrating them into the society.