As one of the steps towards ensuring a rich and smooth adoption experience, Life Foundation regularly organize an intensive and engaging Adoption Workshop for prospective Adopters. Our experience with adopters as regards their relationship with their children (adopters) has shown us that it is imperative for the adopters to go through this sort of training in order to prepare them for the exciting journey ahead of them.
The Workshop ultimately seeks to help participants achieve success in receiving and raising their child.

To educate and inform participants on:
1. Concept of adoption/guardianship generally and in the eyes of the law.
2. Benefits of acquiring parental rights and over a child.
3. Requirements, processes and procedures for adoption/guardianship.
4. Parenting as a team effort by the family.
5. The need to emphasize emotional intelligence in parenting

Adoptions Preparatory Class 2018 was held on the 5th of May 2018. This particular session was very unique in itself because it provided the participants and prospective adopters particularly the rare opportunity to learn firsthand from the experience of a family who adopted their Son through our Foundation about 15 years ago.

Expectedly, participants were eager to ask the Family about their adoption (highs and low) journey to which they were
The Class was kick started with a brief introduction of the participants which was immediately followed by a short video display of Life Foundation Profile and few past adoptions handled by same. Thereafter, the president of Life Foundation, Mrs Elvira Salleras facilitated the first session which was titled Adoption Expectations, Myths and realities. The importance of this topic cannot be overemphasized because many prospective adopters already have their preconceived preferences (child’s age, gender or character) when starting the adoption process. Hence, the insightful session exposed the participants to some of the realities of Adoption.

An Expert Pediatrician Mrs Ogunkeye facilitated another interesting session titled “Managing Children with Medical Needs”. This is also another crucial area prospective adopters needed to be enlightened about because it is possible that children with some kinds of medical challenges can be proposed. Thus, the proper need to educate the adopters about how to manage these situations.

Other informative and educative sessions of the workshop includes:
Managing Children at the Orphanage
Managing the transit from orphanage to home,
Adoption procedure/processes,
The law and the rights of the child
Rich materials and presentations were supplied on all the topics mentioned above. This will provide any prospective adopter and even natural parents about the nitty gritty of raising a child. Also, a three-course meal was served during the 7-hours marathon Class. Indeed, the Workshop offers a value far above the amount charged. Thus, we would love the adoptive parents, prospective adopters and even biological parents to take part in subsequent Workshops so as to benefit from this wealth of knowledge.

Testimonies from some of the participant

Mr/Mrs OKORO Blaisejonas
it's interesting, interactive and educative we're glad to meet with all the staff, doctor and every other persons that imparted our lives on adoption and way forward. We will also love to be part of the next training. We can now boast that we know much on how to bring up a child call it biological or adopted
Mr Ibrahim Saka
To me, it was one of my greatest experience. I was exposed to the reality of adoption and liberated from my negative preconception about it. I realized it was practically possible to love another Child as my own

Adoption Workshop

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Family is fundamental to the development of character and personality. Life takes this fact into consideration in striving to uphold the best interest of the child. Therefore, LIFE collaborates with orphanages and child focused organizations within Nigeria and abroad to place abandoned orphans in families giving them a new chance in life through the legal process of inter-country adoption. Since inception, focusing on children with special needs, LIFE has successfully placed over 250 children in loving families.