Project Alpha is aimed at bridging the gap in the educational standards of our society and raising awareness of the challenges associated with illiteracy, a fundamental problem that has been recognized as one of the greatest causes of stagnation in the progress of our nation.

The idea behind this project is to provide a level playing field for the estimated 38.7% of Nigerians who are illiterates according to WHO statistics. The main focus is children, the future of our nation.

The project encourages enrollment of children in school and qualitative learning by providing a conducive environment for both students and teachers alike.

Read to Lead

“Read to Lead” aims to encourage the reading culture among children.
This project involves the supply and distribution of textbooks, story books and study materials to schools. It would help children develop; explore their creativity and language skills.

Cover Up

Distribution of school uniforms, undergarments, footwear and school bags to street children and vulnerable juveniles. ‘Cover up’ is specifically targeted at building and protecting the child’s sense of decency, confidence and comfort as well as boosting their chances of social integration

Play Hard

To enable the children have the experience of a normal childhood and guide their learning process with regular childlike activities, the ‘Play Hard’ project entails engaging the children in a series of fun games and interactive activities that encourages liveliness, expressiveness and optimize their psycho-motor skills, social abilities and learning capabilities.


Hope Haven

Enhancing learning by providing adequate infrastructure to create a conducive learning environment.